About the Calls on this Site

The recordings on this site were uploaded for the purpose of public education.  We put them here so our guests can use them to become more familiar with frog calls in their local areas.  The copyright of the actual recording remains with the recordist who uploaded it.

So these recordings are available to anyone who wishes to use them for non-commercial purposes under the guidelines of the following Creative Commons License:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

You can read the full legal explanations of the license protecting these recordings here - Creative Commons 4.0 - Attribution - Non-commercial, No-derivatives 


This means you can:

  • download them to your phone or portable player for taking with you in the field.
  • download them to your computer to help you learn your frog calls.


I also strongly support their educational use so you can feel free to

  • use them in non-commercial presentations. I do expect attribution/credit for any use such as this. You can just mention where you got the recordings or the recordists name on the last slide, etc..
  • use them for educational presentation or other educational uses. If you have a permanent educational display in a non-profit museum, etc., and want the recordings to play to your guests, feel free. However, attribution is expected.  If you are getting paid or receiving an honorarium for a presentation, that isn't non-commercial. You would need to contact me for specific permission in that case.


What you can NOT do with them would include:

  • copy them to a CD and sell that to others
  • include them in any commercial recording, either as is or "sampled" and altered.
  • copy them to any other website or distribute them in any other way
  • any other use which violates the principles of the license under which I have distributed them.